Quantum Computing – IBM and Microsoft recent announcements

There have been several news stories about IBM and Microsoft advancements for developers and companies interested in Quantum Computing. IBM announced new partnerships with companies, universities and associations. Microsoft announced a Quantum development kit release along with the Quantum language called Q#. Here are links to several of the announcements and product pages.


IBM Enters Quantum Computing Business with First Paying Customers and the IBM Q Network

In a recent news article, IBM announced the names of twelve paying customers and organizations. You can read the news at The companies that have joined with IBM include: JPMorgan Chase, Daimler AG, Samsung, Barclays, Honda just to name a few.

The companies and organizations will participate in the IBM Q Network. You can read more information and watch a video at

Microsoft Q# Development Kit is available for Download

Microsoft recently announced the availability of the Q# language and the Quantum Development Kit. You can find more information on the Microsoft Quantum Computing site at Q# integrates with Visual Studio and leveraged C#. You can watch a video demo to see how you can build your first Q# program.

You can register and download the Quantum Development Kit at

Learn More about Quantum Computing

Besides the links above, you can learn more about Quantum Computing using the resource links below:


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