Programming Languages

The Popularity of Programming Languages

Programming languages have been around since the first computers were available. From machine language to assembly language to higher level programming languages, developers have been creating software for more than 70 years. While some programming languages have come and gone, most still exist for legacy computer systems, academic study and historic curiosity. One of theContinue Reading “The Popularity of Programming Languages”


Voice Control APIs – Actions, Skills, Cognition and more

With almost everyone on the planet having a smartphone and/or a desktop computer with a microphone, platform companies are adding Voice Control APIs to their technology offerings. Developers have multiple choices to add speech control for their applications. Consumers have been experiencing speech recognition systems when calling companies (airlines, department stores, etc.) and using voice commandsContinue Reading “Voice Control APIs – Actions, Skills, Cognition and more”


Keeping your Security and Cybersecurity Development Chops up to Date

Developers and users read, almost daily, about sites being hacked, credit card information being stolen, intellectual property being taken and other security exploits. Most company’s executive teams now include Chief Security Officers (CSOs). Developers and operational teams inside their companies need to focus on ensuring the security of the systems they build. As a developer ,Continue Reading “Keeping your Security and Cybersecurity Development Chops up to Date”


Machine and Deep Learning SDKs, Tools, Frameworks and Systems

Developers have witnessed the rise of multiple big data solutions in the past few years. Building on top of the volume, variety and velocity of data, companies have seen the growing need for automating business decisions based on the knowledge coming from online systems, sensors and connected devices. In order to take advantage of this wealth ofContinue Reading “Machine and Deep Learning SDKs, Tools, Frameworks and Systems”


Welcome Developers!

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