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Developer News – Week Ending February 23, 2018

Here are some of the developer news articles that appeared this past week. Happy Reading and Happy Coding! Feb 23 –┬áThe Verge: Google is bringing ARCore out of beta and launching Lens search on more phones – ARCore 1.0 launches on all Google Pixel phones, all recent Samsung flagship phones, the Android O version ofContinue Reading “Developer News – Week Ending February 23, 2018”

Development News

Developer items in the News: Code Smells, FP, Jigsaw Concerns and more

I try to read as much programming and developer news as possible. It’s great to be able to keep up with the latest news about programming languages, frameworks, tools, libraries, best practices and more. Here are some of the development related articles and blog posts that caught my eye in the past week. 35 programmingContinue Reading “Developer items in the News: Code Smells, FP, Jigsaw Concerns and more”

Programming Languages

The Popularity of Programming Languages

Programming languages have been around since the first computers were available. From machine language to assembly language to higher level programming languages, developers have been creating software for more than 70 years. While some programming languages have come and gone, most still exist for legacy computer systems, academic study and historic curiosity. One of theContinue Reading “The Popularity of Programming Languages”