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Developer News – Week ending March 2, 2018

Here are some of the developer news articles that appeared this past week. Happy Reading and Happy Coding! Mar 1 – Google AI Blog: Mobile Real-time Video Segmentation – YouTube brings precise, real-time, on-device mobile video segmentation to the YouTube app by integrating this technology into stories. Currently in limited beta, stories is YouTube’s new lightweightContinue Reading “Developer News – Week ending March 2, 2018”


Quantum Computing – IBM and Microsoft recent announcements

There have been several news stories about IBM and Microsoft advancements for developers and companies interested in Quantum Computing. IBM announced new partnerships with companies, universities and associations. Microsoft announced a Quantum development kit release along with the Quantum language called Q#. Here are links to several of the announcements and product pages.   IBMContinue Reading “Quantum Computing – IBM and Microsoft recent announcements”


Developers: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

I was watching (online) the opening keynote at this year’s Microsoft Build 2017 developer conference taking place in Seattle Washington. During CEO Satya Nadella’s presentation, he mentioned a statement that I’ve heard many times before. “With Great Power Comes Great Responsiblity”. I remember that statement in the Spiderman movie and comics. I was wondering ifContinue Reading “Developers: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”