8 thoughts on “There are Only Two Perfect Programming Languages”

  1. Dear David,
    I agreed with you, i love and i will always love Pascal/delphi you can say it is love from the first sight, even i stop coding in delphi since 2010 and i go to Java since then. but i can’t forget my first love Delphi and i can’t forget a Company called Borland which produce the best compilers and IDE’s i ever used.


  2. Hey David, did you realize that one of those links has Apple inventing Delphi? In 1986? 🙂

    “Delphi Object Pascal: Originally developed at Apple in 1986 and named because it helped programmers connect to Oracle databases (as in, “The Oracle at Delphi”), Delphi is seeing its star rise once again as an alternative for building smartphone apps.”


    1. Thanks for the note. Will update that text to make sure it is clear that for “Object Pascal” I was talking about work done by Larry Tessler’s group at Apple in collaboration with Nicklaus Wirth. Thanks!

  3. My personal opinion is that Javascript should be the first language taught, since it is probably the most simple and easy to learn, and it can be used immediately on any computer, without the need to install any compiler or runtime or IDE: you can just write the code in Notepad or vi, and then directly see the result on the browser. (Not to mention there are now websites like CodePen where you can code and test directly online). And then it can also be used on the server-side (nodejs) and for mobile apps development.
    But of course, this would be just to get you started with programming concepts. After that, you can go on and learn any other more advanced languages.
    Javascript seems so easy that it could be taught in primary school, just one year after learning to write. (Of course, there are also other visual programming tools such as Sketch, which can be used to teach programming even at kindergarden, before learning to read and write 🙂 )

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