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Developer News – Week ending March 2, 2018

Here are some of the developer news articles that appeared this past week.

Happy Reading and Happy Coding!

Mar 1 – Google AI Blog: Mobile Real-time Video Segmentation – YouTube brings precise, real-time, on-device mobile video segmentation to the YouTube app by integrating this technology into stories. Currently in limited beta, stories is YouTube’s new lightweight video format, designed specifically for YouTube creators. Our new segmentation technology allows creators to replace and modify the background, effortlessly increasing videos’ production value without specialized equipment.

Mar 1 – IDevNews: Evans Data Sees Huge Developer Adoption for AI & Machine Learning – Evans Data’s director of research Michael Rasalan put these eye-popping numbers in context, “Over 6 million developers worldwide are using some form of AI in their work, whether they are developing algorithms and frameworks, or relying on AI for other purposes.”

Feb 28 – Newsweek: IBM is Sending a Floating Robot Head to Space – Airbus and IBM are teaming up to develop CIMON (Crew Interactive MObile CompanioN), a floating robot the size of a medicine ball that is equipped with Watson AI technology.

Feb 28 – Engadget: Google’s Slack alternative is available starting today – Just like Slack, Hangouts Chat features virtual rooms for different parts of a company’s team or to organize people around a specific project or task.

Feb 27 – Cisco Newsroom: Cisco NB-IoT Platform Now Commercially Available Worldwide, Making it Practical and Profitable for Companies to Deliver Connected Services via Low Cost, Low Power Devices – NB-IoT (Narrow Band-IoT) is expected to drive growth of IoT at a massive scale, increasing the number of connected devices to in excess of 3 billion by 2023. Supported by the GSMA, NB-IoT is a 3GPP-standard for Low Power Wide Area Networking (LPWAN) that delivers reliable, cost-effective IoT connectivity for low-cost devices.

Feb 27 – Ars Technica: Google starts a push for cross-platform app development with Flutter SDK – Google isn’t attacking mobile app development with a single solution. It now has two mobile app SDKs: Android and Flutter.

Feb 27 – TechCrunch: Apple now relies on Google Cloud Platform and Amazon S3 for iCloud data – You can find the information in Apple’s iOS 11 security guide that was published in January 2018. The company mentions that user files are divided into tiny chunks and encrypted. The encryption keys and metadata information are stored on Apple’s own servers. But the encrypted files are stored on third-party services.

Feb 27 – Ford Authority: Ford Starts Testing Autonomous Delivery Services In Miami – While Ford studies how its self-driving vehicles can help minimize the “cost of convenience” – by expediting delivery times, reducing labor costs, and reducing congestion city-wide – it will attempt to answer numerous other practical questions about automated delivery.

Feb 26 – Dzone: Concerns Over IoT – What are your biggest concerns regarding the state of IoT today and who is addressing these concerns?

Feb 26 – IoT for All: 10 IoT Initiatives for a More Sustainable Future – 10 notable IoT initiatives across different verticals and industries that are worth taking a closer look at.


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