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A few developer posts that caught my eye in the past week…

While I was out of the office last week, I still had time to watch some of my favorite developer news feeds including (but not limited to): Reddit Programming, HackerNews, SlashDot, TechMeme, TechNewsWorld, and Daily News.

Here are a few of the stories that piqued my interest.

  • No! HTTP APIs are not necessarily Rest APIs – “Beside the fact that a REST API is not necessarily an HTTP API (since there are other transfer protocols available, yet they are less popular), I agree with what Josh [Long] and [Hadi] Hariri said and many people confuse the two since REST and HTTP seem to be hand-in-hand.”
  • JSON vs. XML: The battle for format supremacy may be wasted energy – “the rise of JSON came after developers collectively hit a wall with XML, which by the late 2000s had become the de facto standard used to develop the industry languages businesses use to communicate with each other. Even today, nearly all of these standards are still used and actively maintained despite the proliferation of JSON into the current year.”
  • The 5 Non-Technical Skills Any Great Developer Needs in Order to Advance – “Here are five non-technical skills that employers use to differentiate good developers from great ones.”
  • Microsoft’s Imagine Cup crowns its 15th winner, the X.GLU smart glucose meter for kids – “The winner of the $100,000 grand prize and 365 days of bragging rights is X.GLU, a Czech team that created a custom smart glucose meter for children with diabetes. In addition to the $100K, the team gets a one on one mentoring session with CEO Satya Nadella, $125K in credit on Azure services, and tickets to next year’s Build conference. Congrats to X.GLU for an innovative project taking on a serious problem.”
  • Who’s Right About AI? Musk’s Dire Warnings Meet Zuckerberg’s Cheerful Optimism – “Two of Silicon Valley’s most influential visionaries, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, this week engaged in a public spat over the future of artificial intelligence and whether the government should take the wheel to counter the threat this emerging technology might pose to mankind.”
  • Qualcomm opens its mobile chip deep learning framework to all – “Mobile chip maker Qualcomm wants to enable deep learning-based software development on all kinds of devices, which is why it created the Neural Processing Engine (NPE) for its Snapdragon-series mobile processors. The NPE software development kit is now available to all via the Qualcomm Developer Network, which marks the first public release of the SDK, and opens up a lot of potential for AI computing on a range of devices, including mobile phones, in-car platforms and more.”
  • Lessons learned from making 100 games in five years – “Developer James Earl Cox has recently completed his 100 Games in 5 Years project, having wrapped up development of his taxing, rewarding journey with a cute game about a kitten in a blanket that likes to meow about things. Now, at the end of the adventure, Cox is left to reflect on what’s he gained from this undertaking. He finds that he’s learned a great deal from working with so many different genres, ideas, and stories.”

What developer news stories and blog post caught your eye?

Post a comment with developer articles that you enjoyed along with a a link to the web page. You can also submit blog posts to appear on DevNet.

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